Application Development And Implementation

Application development and management are, on the surface, about saving money and making systems more efficient. More importantly, custom apps are supposed to solve the unique problems your business faces every day. With Atlas Systems, you get a custom and responsive development and implementation cycle that combines the next level of cloud and database technology with your existing infrastructure.

  • What does that mean for you? It means breaking down data silos while streamlining compliance and security. It means modernizing business processes for a new, cloud-enabled world. It means working with a partner that understands that the best solutions don’t come out of a box. They come from consultation, iteration, and careful management.

Custom application development without compromise for modern businesses

  • We won’t bore you with talk about how we use well-structured design and implementation methods to build and manage applications. Instead, we’ll focus on what’s really important: that it works. Our process involves an end-to-end commitment to sustainability, flexibility, and resilience. Count on maintaining compliance and security across all your systems and departments with an application that fits your operational needs to the letter.

Cloud Migration and Management

Utilize the cloud for secure, strong, and flexible infrastructure that can respond to any challenge. Whether you are 100% on-prem, on a private cloud, or a hybrid, chances are you are looking for a cloud platform that can support data transparency, security, and app development for internal and external stakeholders.

  • Atlas Systems can help you realize your cloud transformation with expert migration and management services. We can support moving your data to COTS deployments (like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute, and IBM Softlayer) and multi-cloud environments with a full suite of management and consulting services. And, we’ll do so with care and testing to ensure that your data and infrastructure remain intact.

Why move to the Cloud?

  • The cloud is the future. From advanced security and access, cloud migration gives your company the kind of flexibility and resilience it needs to respond to the challenges of the modern world. With the cloud, you get access to enterprise-level computing and applications at a fraction of the cost. Businesses large and small can mobilize best-in-class tech to save money, generate real value.

Database Administration

Invest in Database Management that will give your real performance. Managing a database for your business is a full-time job. Even then, you can’t guarantee that you’re getting everything you can in terms of performance and stability. That’s where the experts at Atlas Systems come in.

  • We stand by our work with our partners, from database analysis, planning, and designing to management, optimization, securing, testing, migration, and decommissioning. We can also provide stress tests and compliance audits to ensure the scalability and safety of your data storage. From start to finish, we help create the infrastructure and SOPs needed to optimize your databases.

Databases aren’t just storage. They are the lifeblood of a company

  • A data-driven business needs optimal, secure, and reliable access to its databases no matter where or when. Unfortunately, a database doesn’t just create itself. It takes skill, time, and expertise to optimize databases in a way that can serve large enterprises.
  • There is a large overhead to properly plan and manage databases, however, and staffing a full IT department can put real constraints on your budget. Working with Atlas Systems, you can offload that responsibility and rely on an IT and database support team with over 20 years of experience. We put the right experts on the job and support your database needs from implementation to decommission.

Digital Transformation Services

Empower your digital transformation with an expert partner. Move to the cloud and streamline all your operations. It’s no secret that modern businesses are using modern digital technology to optimize their business operations. If you aren’t, then you’re risking being left in the dust.

  • By integrating cloud technologies, big data, and cutting-edge technology like AI and machine learning, your business can take any critical operation (from sales to logistics and IT) and supercharge them for the fast-paced world of modern business. Even the smallest company can become agile, resilient, and adaptive to the needs of customers and stakeholders. Don’t do it alone, however. With a partner like Atlas Systems, you get the expertise you can use to transform your existing operations. That means facilitating real internal change, based on your needs and nothing else.

Digital Transformation should power your business

  • Not all transformations are created equal. Out-of-the-box solutions can change your internal business ops without really transforming them into a coherent business. With the right consulting and support, however, you can drive your transformation towards something meaningful.
  • The real question, then, is what will work for your company? A complete cloud migration? Big data and embedded analytics? Predictive analytics is driven by machine learning algorithms? AI optimizing your infrastructure? Integrations? It’s hard to know without working with people who know what’s best for businesses. Work with Atlas Systems to find the right solution to take your business into the future today.

IT Infrastructure Management

Enterprise Architecture is one of the, if not the, most important management tasks in contemporary business. Ensuring that business, technical, and operational functions align across any organization big or small is no small task and one that some companies can spend millions on perfecting. When you work with Atlas Systems, you get experts that have spent 20+ years helping businesses streamline all their operations into a lean, agile infrastructure that serves their business purposes and not the other way around. Consult with us and learn about how we can manage your IT infrastructure through automation, machine learning, managed service support, and up-to-date security and compliance.

  • With Atlas Systems, you get a consulting firm that can help you build and manage your infrastructure for the challenges of today and tomorrow. Optimize your business, make your people more productive, and keep all your data safe. Most importantly, keep the peace of mind you need to focus on your vision.

What does it take for high-quality IT Infrastructure Management?

  • In the world of customer and patient data, networked connections, and always-on networks, maintaining your ITOps involves more than just managing some servers and applications. Security and compliance evolve over time. Sales and customer support become critical touchpoints for your organization. Small costs, amplified over inefficient processes, can cost your business six or seven figures annually.