Expert enterprise software & cloud advice

Cloud Services

Moving to the cloud is key to transforming business, unlocking innovation, and sharpening your competitive edge. An independent partner like SoftwareOne sees the big picture and works side-by-side with you to deliver on the promise of cloud.

Our Cloud Capabilities

  • Cloud migration services - Establish a secure foundation for cloud and migrate workloads efficiently.
  • Cloud-managed services - Bridge the talent gap with the experts you need to operate in the cloud.
  • Cloud providers - Access deep expertise on Microsoft, AWS, and Google.
  • Security - De-risk evolving security threats and compliance gaps.
  • FinOps - Create ongoing measurable value from cloud investments.

Data and AI Services

AI is not just technology; it’s an enabler for organizations to achieve significant improvements in efficiency, insights, customer experience, and innovation. It’s about becoming a data-driven enterprise, powered by digital solutions. The data and AI landscape is rapidly increasing in complexity. New models, platforms, tools, and applications are released to market each month. And behind the hype, exist some basic truths: AI relies on how well you’ve prepared and unified your data, and how well you’ve trained your model. Additionally, AI presents some tough challenges around scalability, security, and data governance.

Our Data and AI Services

  • Intelligence fabric - Our suite of accelerators, practices, and assets helps businesses succeed with data and AI.
  • Data foundations - Establish a robust and scalable data foundation, ensure data governance, streamline operations, and get AI-ready.
  • Analytics & AI - Leverage state-of-the-art analytics tools and AI models to transform raw data into actionable insights and competitive advantage.
  • Workplace AI - Supercharge productivity with GenAI employee tools.

Application Services

IT decision-makers and application owners face significant challenges in managing hundreds or even thousands of applications with unprecedented requirements for speed, scale, and agility. For most companies, complex application landscapes—with a mix of legacy systems, digital, and SaaS—consume too large a share of IT resources and restrict their ability to drive growth. Our application services help you reimagine your application landscape with speed and agility, while continuously innovating to realise business value. Engineer advantage by accelerating enterprise adoption of rapidly deployed, cloud-based apps and create bespoke cloud native solutions to help realise the transformative power of cloud.

Our Application Services

  • Modern applications - Build and modernise with cloud-native experts.
  • DevOps - Embrace a culture of automation and quality.
  • Application security - Reduce risk and protect against evolving threats.
  • Data and AI - Become data-driven and AI-powered.

Digital Workplace Services

Modern IT plays a critical role in workforce retention. Where and how we work has changed forever and will continue to change. Whether accessed remotely, in a hybrid environment, or at the office, data needs to be productive and secure. Your employees deserve a seamless workday no matter where they are. And if they don't find it in their current job, they will look elsewhere. SoftwareOne Digital Workplace Services delivers deep technical and licensing knowledge based on long-standing relationships with the world's leading software publishers, including Microsoft and Google. Our expertise helps create an engaging, productive, and secure modern employee experience.

Our Digital Workplace Services

  • Digital workplace essentials - Comprehensive Microsoft 365 licensing and multi-language 24x7 support for your team, as well as Google Workspace support.
  • Unified communications - Customised cloud telephony, collaboration, and contact center services for Microsoft, Google, and Amazon.
  • Data backup & recovery - Guided onboarding, monitoring, and management of complex workload backups for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Salesforce.
  • Workplace security - Secure your Modern Workplace with 24x7 specialist support, security awareness, and threat monitoring.
  • Digital workplace adoption - Support and training for employees ensure they get the most out of newly implemented technology solutions.
  • Cost optimization - Apply the power of FinOps to lower Microsoft 365 licensing costs and right-size cloud utilisation.
  • Workplace AI – copilot - Accelerate workplace productivity with Copilot and understand implementation readiness.

SAP Services

SAP's Intelligent Enterprise solution is the backbone of many businesses. Without it, operations would grind to a halt. With support for SAP ECC ending in 2027, you face critical decisions about how to modernize SAP systems by moving from ECC to SAP S/4HANA, whether in the data center, cloud, or using RISE with SAP subscription services. Failure to understand SAP licensing and service models, technical architecture, and cloud usage can lead to spiraling costs and considerable audit risk. SoftwareOne SAP Services deliver one of the industry's deepest SAP- and hyper scaler-certified technical teams, with over 80 SAP cloud migration and SAP S/4HANA conversion projects and 10+ RISE engagements completed. We provide the expertise that makes SAP serve your business goals so that you can grow without infrastructure worries.

Our SAP Offerings

  • SAP technology modernization - Our experts remove risk and complexity from your SAP-to-cloud modernization decision and handle the delivery of every step in your cloud migration.
  • Rise with SAP - Understand the capabilities, costs and promise of RISE with SAP, a cloud-hosted SAP S/4HANA business transformation-as-a-service solution.
  • SAP S/4HANA journey - Explore the many paths to S/4HANA with our expert advisors, who provide business cases for on-prem upgrades, public cloud deployment, and RISE with SAP.
  • SAP optimization & management - Leave the heavy lifting to SoftwareOne. We manage your SAP and cloud platform, enhancing it with security, automation, and disaster recovery capabilities.