Mass notification software that keeps people safe and informed

Singlewire Software develops and supports a suite of InformaCast software solutions to help you add value to existing technology and build a robust notification ecosystem. Whether you need to broadcast IP phones, send SMS text messages, reach a wide array of devices, or automate your existing systems, our InformaCast, InformaCast Mobile, and InformaCast Fusion offerings will provide a centralized, cost-effective solution for you.

Top Features

  • Versatile Messaging

    Send audio, text and video notifications to phones, speakers, computers and other devices in your building.

  • Building Lockdown

    Initiate your lockdown procedure with the touch of a button when an emergency occurs in your building.

  • Weather Alerts

    Automatically receive updates on approaching severe weather that may impact daily operations.

  • Conference Calls

    Link key personnel instantly by gathering everyone and begin managing emergency situations.

  • Panic Buttons

    Deploy discreet panic buttons on desk phones, or dedicated physical panic buttons, for staff to call for assistance when encountering a threat or emergency.

  • Designated Groups

    Choose exactly who receives notifications with designated groups that can be a single person, a specific department, or the entire building.

  • 911 Call Monitoring

    Know when 911 is called in your office building and send alerts to the proper personnel. The call can also be recorded to provide additional context for what type of situation is taking place.


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