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Security from on-premises to cloud & remote workstations

Vigilant is a global cyber security technology company offering solutions to manage entire IT & cyber security lifecycles. Vigilant's CyberDNA platform gives its customers real-time cyber threat alerts, policy adherence, malware analysis, & immediate correlation of logging against our distributed cyber intelligence network. It lets you know who is attacking, from where they are attacking & exactly what they are up to. Information security programs must find the right balance of controls to help companies reduce overall risk to an acceptable level, in a financially responsible manner. Our platform seeks to put cyber intelligence & the tools necessary to protect business infrastructure into the hands of its customers.

Top Features

  • Breach response policy

    More than Incident Response Insurance (unfixed costs), with Vigilant you become certified and receive an Unlimited Breach Response Policy as a part of our MDR Service (fixed and promised).

  • Account takeover protection

    Adobe reported that white-collar employees spend 352 minutes/day on email. To stop slow and insidious incursions by threat actors, you need a partner who can proactively uncover the clues that signal a potential takeover – before it happens.

  • Risk reduction

    Threat actors are armed with Exploit and Malware Kits designed to harm you. Vigilant studies those kits compare them to your vulnerability landscape (MVDR) and test them with our benevolent hackers (Penetration Testing) to reduce risk before an attack.

  • Secure SOC

    Vigilant provides an advanced US-Based Security Operations Center (SOC) with 24/7/365 visibility on your company inside and out, with comprehensive knowledge of industry-specific threat tactics.

  • Security maturity

    Continuously level up your defense. Vigilant is your co-vested partner in advanced threat assessment, evolving vulnerability detection, and Team-Centered support.

  • Radical visibility

    Sensors within and visibility in and around the perimeter. From the Vigilant vantage point, you will take the higher ground, own it and keep it.

  • Unified team deployment

    With Vigilant, you access a fully armed cyberwar team that partners with you shoulder-to-shoulder.


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