Verizon Internet Dedicated Services

Boost bandwidth for greater productivity

Purpose built for digital transformation

All our bandwidth tiers are available with burstable or flat rate options to meet your business needs.

Coverage where you need it

  • Internet Dedicated is a global offering and is available in 38 countries. This includes nearly 200 Internet Dedicated service edge nodes.

Intuitive self-service

  • Maintain visibility and control with customizable traffic reports, network configuration, and the ability to dynamically adjust bandwidth.

Guaranteed service

  • Internet Dedicated SLA guarantees performance and 100% availability, or we pay you.

Business continuity

  • Protect your business with automated failover to backup services.

Installation and maintenance

  • Our technicians can install your equipment and provide ongoing maintenance, including 24/7 proactive monitoring.

Agility with self-service features

  • Dynamic Network Manager enables you to increase or decrease port speeds on demand and view traffic. This control can help you meet seasonal, unplanned, or periodic demands put on your network.

Internet dedicated in action

  • Internet Dedicated provides you with a dedicated internet connection, not one shared with other businesses or organizations. This gives you dedicated, predictable bandwidth and symmetrical upload and download speeds.