Verizon Private IP

Secure, reliable and cloud-enabled


Connect multiple locations and handle planned and unplanned traffic spikes with Burstable Billing and Dynamic Network Manager.

Exceptional service

  • Get 24-hour customer service and competitive SLAs.

Flexible and efficient routing

  • Support multiple routing protocols for efficient application and IP data routing using advanced traffic engineering methods.


  • View traffic and bandwidth use and understand what’s traversing your network with Dynamic Network Manager.


  • Prioritize your global application traffic for low latency, low jitter, and high availability to improve applications.

Cost control

  • Economize by using a single network connection for data, voice, and video services.

More agility with self-service features

  • Dynamic Network Manager enables you to increase or decrease port speeds on-demand and view traffic. You can make scheduled or on-the-fly changes to help meet seasonal, unplanned, or periodic demands put on your network.