Verizon Private IP

Secure, reliable and cloud-enabled

Provides a VPN foundation to support your digital transformation

Organizational needs, are evolving at a record-breaking pace. New business demands and working models require innovative technologies and dynamic applications to Compete and thrive in the modern business environment. But unreliable networks and slow connections can bog down productivity and sales, costing valuable time and money. Whether your apps are in the cloud or at your data center, you need cloud-ready, high-performance network connectivity, like Private IP, that is flexible, reliable, and secure to power business growth. Verizon’s Private IP delivers superior performance for dynamic applications and is a critical foundation for high-performing hybrid networks using SD-WAN.

Top Features

  • Secure

    Keep Traffic separated from the public internet, to help shield from cybercriminals and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Securely connect locations locally, around the country, or around the world.

  • Reliable

    Stay up and running with competitive service level agreements (SLAs) and proactive fault notifications. Prioritize the data flow of critical applications.

  • Cloud-enabled

    Simplify connectivity with private, pre-provisioned, on-demand, and secure access to cloud service providers globally. Get same-day, private connectivity to data centers and a growing cloud ecosystem.

  • Flexible

    Connect wireless networking to your private WAN to support mobility. Support your business needs and manage your costs with fixed, dynamic, or burstable bandwidth options. Get visibility into and control your bandwidth using Dynamic Network Manager.