ClickPoint Software

Sales engagement software

Rapid on-boarding, clear ROI and unparalleled support

ClickPoint Software is committed to improving the lives of salespeople and their managers by creating sales software that enables sales teams to generate more revenue for themselves. It is actively transforming sales organizations through the implementation of its products; ClickPoint Lead Manager™, ClickPoint RingResponse™, and LeadExec Lead Distribution™. Not just a software company. ClickPoint employees embody a shared commitment to the success of every customer by providing Amazing support. From its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona ClickPoint has been empowering companies both large and small to dial more leads, and sell faster and more efficiently, which leads to more revenue and commission.

Top Features

  • Lead Capture

    Capture leads and track lead sources from forms, affiliates, and phone campaigns. Instantly distribute leads to customers or internal teams.

  • Lead Delivery

    All methods of lead distribution are available, including; Ping Post, HTTP Post, email, text, and automated rules engine for lead prioritization.

  • Automation

    Automate lead routing to branch offices and franchises with ease and dependability, ensuring a rapid response from any location.

  • Lead Hygiene

    Inbound IVR with optimized routing to get live calls directly to your sales reps in real-time.

  • Invoicing & Billing

    Easily capture payments and account for lead order fulfillment with automated invoicing and billing. Managing a lead generation business from a single software platform has never been easier.

  • Reporting

    Get the information you need to accelerate decision-making. Create custom reports that reveal exactly how each campaign performs. Drive more ROI from your lead flow with real-time reporting.