Give personalized attention at scale

Reach new people and engage with existing contacts in more meaningful ways.

  • Engage customers with 1:1 conversations or text-marketing campaigns.
  • Organize contacts by tag and message segments of your contact list or everyone at once.
  • Route inbound texts just like calls.
  • Use templates to communicate more efficiently.

Divide and conquer with custom audiences

Group contacts together for outbound text messaging or to route their incoming texts to certain agents.

  • Keep contact details and records for all of your contacts.
  • Segment customers into groups via tags and assign groups of agents to certain tags.
  • Bulk upload contacts from your CMS via CSV file.
  • Sync contacts with your CRM using our open API.

Broaden your reach without adding more resources

Accomplish more in less time. You can schedule bulk text messages as one-offs or a series and respond automatically based on incoming keywords.