Build a bigger & better 5G network for your business

T-Mobile’s extended range 5G provides over 2x more 5G coverage than the other guys! We’ve expanded our nationwide 5G network to now cover over 90% of Americans in more than 8,300 cities and towns. And in just a few years, our goal is to provide 5G to 99% of Americans. Our Ultra Capacity 5G is 2x faster than our 4G LTE today. And at a record pace, we’re rolling out high-performance 5G speeds as fast as Wi-Fi – up to 15X that of 4G. No 5G signal goes farther or is better for coverage indoors and out than our Extended Range 5G. That means a strong connection both in dense cities and in rural areas.

Top Features

  • Unconventional thinking is better for business

    T-Mobile for Business helps you accelerate innovation through unconventional thinking that’s better for business. Don’t make trade-offs between network, support, or benefits. Serve customers more effectively, efficiently, and intelligently.

  • T-Mobile is now America’s largest and fastest 5G network

    Our Extended Range 5G goes beyond cities and extends to rural areas covering over 280 million Americans, 1.6M square miles—nearly 2.5x that of AT&T and nearly 4x more than Verizon.

  • Award-winning customer support

    At T-Mobile for Business, you get a Dedicated Team of Experts. Our seamless customer care starts from Day 1. You get a dedicated team of real people who know your business and are empowered to solve needs in the moment, available 24/7/365.

  • First-class benefits, included in EVERY plan

    Our plans offer unrivaled value with first-class benefits—Microsoft 365 on us, mobile hotspots, unlimited data in 210+ countries and destinations, and in-flight texting—all included without an upcharge. Our 5G is included in every plan at no extra charge.

Must-Have Features

Extended Range 5G

Broad nationwide coverage.
Extended Range 5G includes our most powerful low-band 600MHz signal and reaches far and wide for nationwide coverage.

Ultra Capacity 5G

Performance-boosting coverage.
Ultra Capacity 5G is comprised of both mid-band and high-band (mmWave) spectrum, which together deliver a speed and capacity boost on top of the nationwide Extended Range 5G coverage.