Infrastructure Services

Onsite installations and IT hardware support including routers, switches, wireless devices, servers, storage devices, desktops, laptops, kiosks, digital signage and more.

  • Pivital excels in managing the deployment and maintenance of onsite technology globally. Seasoned project managers work with the clients to ensure that deployments are completed on time with high quality. Technology and approach provides full visibility into what is occurring onsite, and upon completion of the site visit, It provides high-quality deliverables including before and after photos, a summary of the work that was completed onsite, information about any issues, and a sign-off from the site contact.

Physical Site Surveys

Pivital provides physical site surveys and detailed site reports to give customers visibility and understanding of their remote locations. ​

  • Leveraging custom-built site survey tool Pivital gives clients insight to their sites enabling clients to see and review information in real-time while it is being captured onsite. The site survey tool guides local techs to capture exactly the right information and photos in a logical manner. This allows team of design engineers to determine the materials or equipment needed to complete the job. Customers receive a report of the information captured and a full proposal detailing the scope and cost to achieve the goal.

Scale Calibration & Certification

On demand calibration and certification of your POS scanner scales by State Certified technicians using certified weight kits. ​

  • Pivital provides on-demand and project-based installation, calibration and certification of Point of Sale scanner scales. It provide this service in all fifty states, and support most scanner scale manufacturers including NCR, Datalogic and Zebra. Tracking the certification status of a scale can be challenging, but Pivital provides clients peace of mind by managing their scales status for them. Using asset database, Pivital tracks the expiration of the certification for each scale and dispatches technicians to recertify the scale annually, and provides clients a portal where they can see the certification status and the latest placed-in-service form for all of their scales at any time.

Configuration & Kitting

Pivital's configuration team simplifies onsite installations by pre-configuring your equipment in staging and configuration center. ​

  • 75 thousand square foot configuration center located 10 miles from the home of Walmart in Lowell, Arkansas provides clients with on-demand storage, kitting and configuration for any and all of their IT hardware requirements. Its trained configuration center staff specializes in network, server, desktop and point-of-sale devices. It work collaboratively with clients to manage configuration processes, software and bill of materials.

Wireless Design

Pivital provides an entire suite of wireless services including design, predictive mapping, wireless coverage mapping, and installation.

  • Pivital provides the expertise to design a wireless network that meets capacity, performance and coverage requirements. Team of WLAN experts use Ekahau to design, analyze, optimize or troubleshoot your wireless networks. Whether you need a predictive, passive or active wireless survey, Pivital will capture your current wireless environment and design an improved environment, globally.

Infrastructure Cabling

Pivital provides full service low-voltage and infrastructure cabling services. Highly skilled, certified low-voltage technicians in all regions using BICSI approved cabling standards.

  • Cablers follow industry best practices and Pivital certified cabling practices. Project types include new store and remodel build-outs, kiosk installs, wireless LAN deployments, DEMARC extensions, camera installs and security system cabling. Pivital manages large volumes of cabling installations every month from full store, office and manufacturing installations with hundreds of cabling runs and multiple IDF’s to small jobs that may involve one or two cabling runs.