Soaring Eagle Data Solutions

Database consulting for your applications

Keeping your data secure, accessible, and optimized

Soaring Eagle Consulting has been helping companies of all sizes, industries, and geographies fully maximize their database performance. With expert-level expertise in SQL Server, Azure SQL, Sybase, DB2, and Oracle, we drive business performance to optimal levels. We have over 25 years of experience in remote database management with a speciality in healthcare and financial enterprises. As experts in the field of database consulting, we are proud to have been featured as an authority on the subject in a wide range of publications. If you work in a highly regulated industry, you can’t afford to put your business or your license at risk over a preventable database mishap.

Top Features

  • Right-sizing

    Ask us how we can help you save money on hardware, software, management costs, and more by offering our Right-Sizing Service. The ROI from this project can provide significant savings to your IT costs.

  • Health check

    This comprehensive evaluation identifies issues that impede your database performance to determine what needs to be fixed and how to future-proof your systems.

  • Remote management

    This is your database insurance policy. We provide full protection database administration coverage with remote support for Microsoft SQL, Sybase SAP/ASE, Sybase IQ, and MySQL.

  • Database consulting

    From performance and tuning to developing business intelligence solutions, our expert DBAs analyze, recommend and implement solutions to solve your most complex database needs.

  • Data security checks

    We have a comprehensive data/Database security review and we offer vulnerability and other security checks.