Get the best out of business internet and phone service.

Need a more reliable business phone and internet service? Trying to set up a business where wired internet access is slow, expensive, unreliable or unavailable? Ooma Connect has got your back. Powered by an Advanced LTE Network, our new plug-and-play kit is designed to help businesses get up and running in minutes, work from a faster internet connection, be impervious to internet outages, and get superior voice quality. Online purchasing bundles Ooma Connect with Ooma Office. You can select 1 or more users for Ooma Office and each is $19.95 monthly. Additionally, Ooma Connect hardware is charged at full retail cost. The rental option is not yet available online.

Top Features

  • Enjoy faster, more reliable internet service.

    The days of relying on slow, unreliable DSL are gone forever. LTE speeds make sure transactions happen quickly, every time.

  • Stay up and running.

    If you have an internet connection you’re happy with, Ooma Connect is versatile enough to make sure it keeps on ticking during outages with features like Continuous Voice.

  • Be heard like never before.

    Ooma Connect uses Continuous Voice, the ultimate business continuity solution with patented technology for automatic backup for voice calls.

  • Get set up faster.

    Get your pop-up, kiosks, new check-out stand, or brick-and-mortar store up in no time. Ooma Connect’s plug-and-play kit makes it simpler and easier to get started.

  • Keep calls coming in

    If your business has high call volumes and you rely on it to talk with clients or take orders, Ooma Connect can ensure those calls keep coming in, and you can keep dialing out.

  • Simple setup

    Just mount the Ooma Connect adapter to a wall or window, and connect it to the Ooma Connect base station. Then you’re ready to use a reliable, LTE-advanced internet connection.

Must-Have Features

Stay Up and Running

Internet outages are almost a thing of the past, which means your phone, POS, and other internet reliant tools keep working.