Ooma Office Essentials

Priced at $19.95 per user, per month, Ooma Office Essentials includes more than 50 business phone features. In addition to capabilities like Call Forwarding, Do Not Disturb, Caller ID, Speed Dial and Voicemail, the Essentials plan also gives you:

Virtual Receptionist

  • Automate how you manage incoming calls. Easily set up multiple menus so you never miss a business opportunity.

Mobile App

  • Differentiate between business and personal calls. When your mobile phone rings, you'll see when it's an Ooma Office call so you can answer in your business voice.

One Free Toll-free Number

  • Give your company a nationwide presence with a toll-free number. It comes with 500 minutes of inbound calls each month. Enjoy unlimited calling in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Low international rates available.

Ring Group

  • Create groups, like customer support or accounting, so calls will ring either simultaneously or in order until someone answers the call.

Music on Hold

  • Keep callers from sitting in silence when they're waiting for assistance. Personalize messages with operating hours, location details, or upload songs.

Virtual Fax

  • Send and receive faxes from anywhere using digital technology —no need for a traditional fax machine.

Ooma Office Pro

Priced at $24.95 per user per month, Ooma Office Pro is our most popular plan for good reason. Another $5 per user, per month gives you all the features of Ooma Office Essentials, plus:

Desktop App

  • Use the softphone to manage calls directly from your computer.


  • Host videoconferences with screen sharing and chat for up to 25 participants.

Call Recording

  • On-demand and always-on recording enables you to easily archive and retrieve phone conversations.

Enhanced Call Blocking

  • Automatically block more than two million robocallers.

Voicemail Transcription

  • Easily review voicemails converted to text that are sent to your email.

Call Analytics

  • Track call volume data for insights on staffing needs and team productivity.

Caller Info Match

  • Retrieve contact info from CRM systems, social media and search engines to get caller details before answering or placing calls.

Dynamic Caller ID

  • Create different caller IDs when making calls for more than one department or business.

Expanded Extension Monitoring

  • See the status of up to 60 user extensions to easily view who is available.

Expanded Call Park

  • Empower staff to retrieve parked calls to quickly serve waiting customers.

Audio Conference Call Participants

  • Talk with up to 100 people in a voice conference call.

Advanced Ring Groups

  • Determine how long calls should ring and next steps if no one answers.

Ooma Office Pro Plus

Priced at $29.95 per user per month, Ooma Office Pro Plus delivers the best value since it provides every feature in the Ooma Office Essentials and Ooma Office Pro plans, plus these advanced capabilities:

Call Queuing

  • Automatically place calls on hold and route them to the next available employee to create a simple call center.

CRM Integration

  • Link and use phone systems while working in popular CRM systems.

Hot Desking

  • Transform unassigned phones into your business phone for the day.

Find Me, Follow Me

  • Receive calls on multiple devices that ring at once or in sequence.

Expanded Videoconferencing Options

  • Host videoconferences with screen sharing and chat for up to 100 participants.

Call Management Features

Ooma office offers the following Call Management features:

  • Virtual receptionist options
  • Call routing
  • Custom messages
  • Dial by name
  • Multi-level
  • Business modes for open & closed hours
  • Call logs
  • Call park
  • Call recording
  • Call transfer
  • Enhanced Call blocking
  • Extension dialing
  • Fax (virtual and/or analog)
  • Forward calls during device outages
  • Intercom
  • Music on hold
  • One conference bridge per user
  • Overhead paging
  • Transfer music
  • Voicemail transcription & email attachments
  • Web admin portal
  • 7-digit dialing

Mobility Features

Ooma office offers the following mobility features:

  • SMS Messaging
  • Virtual extensions
  • Smartphone app: 2-phones-in-1
  • Call Flip
  • Call forwarding
  • Call transfer from app
  • Desktop client
  • Extension dialing to app
  • Multi-device simultaneous ring

Capacity Features

Ooma office offers the following capacity features:

  • Extension monitoring (up to 60)
  • Call park (up to 10)
  • Audio conference room participants (up to 25)

Plan Features

Ooma office offers the following plans:

  • Unlimited calling in U.S., Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico
  • Low international rates
  • 911 service
  • Free number transfer/porting
  • Mainline company number
  • One direct dial number per user
  • One free toll-free number with 500 minutes/mo