AMI Strategies MMS mobilityNOW™

Hyperautomated managed mobility services

Full mobility management for the on-demand era

Mobility managers are in charge of everything from ordering new devices to managing carrier plans to defining security and mobility compliance policies for the enterprise. As companies grow and the mobile device environment fluctuates, it’s easy for mobility departments to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of variables they have to manage. To help you with this, AMI Strategies has developed mobilityNOW™, a proprietary software that helps enterprises, big or small, manage their environments both domestically and internationally. mobilityNOW™ leverages the latest technology to dramatically streamline mobility management—delivering increased capacity, significant ROI and improved employee experiences.

Top Features

  • Finance

    Reclaim capacity, ensure every dollar is accounted for, and never spend more than you're supposed to. Our technology streamlines the entire invoice lifecycle process including collection, processing, audit, allocations, organizational reporting, approvals, and payments giving you peace of mind and time to focus on your core business.

  • Procurement

    Gain negotiating power and ensure every contract is strictly adhered to. With AMI's extensive global database, we benchmark your rates against organizations of similar size and negotiate the best rates with your service providers. Every invoice is then SmartAudited against your contract to ensure nothing slips between the cracks.

  • IT

    End-to-end governance, security, management, and control of all mobile devices and their associated costs, including centralized ticketing and always up-to-date inventories. With happy executives and end-users, no news is good news, allowing you to focus on other initiatives.

Must-Have Features

Fully-Integrated Inventories

Inventory that's always up to date

Cost Containment

Audit, Optimize & Dispute

Automated Financial Operations

Allocate, Approve & Pay

Change Management

ServiceNow Apps

Automated Transactions

Carrier, MDM & ERP APIs

Device Security

MDM/UEM Consulting, Deployment & Support

Global Coverage & Services

GDPR-Compliant Global Reach