The TEM solution for today’s complex expense environment

TEM isn't just for telecom expenses anymore. The wave of digital transformation that's changing businesses in almost every sector is also reshaping TEM. With more companies adopting a digital-first strategy, an increasing number of expenses and invoices no longer fit within the traditional telecom bucket. While our foundations are in telecom, we've scaled our platform to address the new technology invoice needs of today. Additionally, we've leveraged cutting-edge AI and automation to deliver cost savings, ROI, and dramatic efficiencies across the following industries: Wireless, Wireline, Cloud, and Utilities.

Top Features

  • Automated invoice collection

    We use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and/or EDI to collect your invoices from your carriers and service providers to ensure every invoice is captured and processed immediately when it is available.

  • Invoice processing at the most granular level

    Much deeper than any three-way matching review, we process invoices to the lowest granular level, capturing every aspect of usage and cost to ensure we can audit, analyze and optimize against your contracted rates.

  • SmartAudit™ & dispute management

    Once processed, your invoices are audited programmatically against usage, inventory, contracts, trends, taxation, and carrier hand-off fees to find savings outside of standard rate changes. Nothing slips through the cracks.

  • Automated chargebacks & organizational reporting

    We completely automate the allocation process, including any “creative” accounting rules that need to be applied to your invoices. Once that is done, sharing reporting across your organization is a click away.

  • Invoice consolidation, approvals & payments

    We take the busy work out of consolidating your invoices and making payments. With the ability to adapt to multilanguage and international currencies, AMI is your one-stop shop for invoice processing, coding, auditing, dispute, approval and payment, giving your AP department room to breathe.

  • Inventories that show the complete picture

    Invoices only tell a portion of the story. We tie spend and usage to equipment and business users, so you see the complete context of your services. Want to take it a step further? We can also perform fast and accurate physical audits to ensure you really see the complete picture.

  • Budgeting & forecasting

    Obtain granular reporting of site-by-site cost and usage allowing you to set baselines, establish budgets, create targets, and measure results.

  • Diversity spend attribution

    As a WBENC-certified woman-owned and operated business, you can apply our fees and the invoices we pay on your behalf towards your Diversity Spend targets.

  • Moves, adds, changes & deletes

    As change happens across your telecommunications portfolio, our ticketing works lock-step with updating your inventory and cross-checking against your invoices. With all aspects working in concert, you never have a blindspot.

  • Inventory & provider consolidation

    Once we have established inventory across your locations, AMI will assist you in leveraging your economies of scale through service provider consolidation and volume discounts.

  • Contract management

    AMI keeps every detail about every contract stored alongside your charges and usage, with expiration reminders and audit rules configured to ensure every term is properly reflected in your spend.

  • ERP integration

    AMI works with any ERP allowing you to integrate our already allocated and audited invoices into your existing invoice lifecycle process.


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