Enhance productivity, pipeline visibility & revenue for sales teams

Your sales team deals with a lot. Between juggling massive to-do lists and managing growing customer expectations, it's no wonder sales is a high-stakes game. Zendesk Sell is an easy-to-love sales tool designed to help sales teams boost productivity, make data-driven decisions, and deliver better customer experiences. Our CRM for sales teams offers everything you need in one simple platform—including contact and deal management, activity tracking and lead generation. Plus, you can set up triggers and automate tasks to keep reps on target.

Starting at $25.00 /Month

Top Features

  • Swing into action

    Always have eyes on what’s going on with your sales pipeline. Sell makes it easy to keep your team focused on the highest value leads and deals without worrying about daunting administrative tasks. You can build and manage a pipeline that aligns with your business so your reps can prioritize your customers and prospects.

  • Just a few clicks do the trick

    With Sell, you get Smart Lists to help you segment and filter your leads and deals in real time, so you can stay organized and spot opportunities. When it comes time to close deals, you can do it anywhere, because Sell gives you the power of a desktop sales tool in the palm of your hand—even when you're offline.

  • Drive the action with data

    Track every interaction with every customer, and turn that data into reports that help analyze and forecast your business. With Sell, you get drag-and-drop dashboards, as well as 30+ out-of-the-box reports for visualizing, understanding and interacting with your data.

  • Plays well with others

    They know that you use other tools to keep things running smoothly. Whether you want to track campaigns through Mailchimp or view the status of contracts in Pandadoc, all the information you need is added to Sell. You can even build your own apps using the Zendesk Apps framework.

  • Turn conversations into conversions

    Sell gives reps access to integrated tools that provide the full context of a customer account. This keeps them in the loop and allows them to capitalize on opportunities. For example, when a support ticket turns into questions about new products, the lead can be handed off to sales. Keeping track is easy because data capture is automated, so reps and agents can stay on the same page.