Redstor Salesforce backup and recovery

Backup, protection & deployable in minutes

Protect salesforce data against human error & other threats

Redstor Salesforce backup makes it quick and easy for non-experts to comply with Salesforce's recommendations for protecting its data, with zero complex scriptings. It protects your business-critical customer relationship management (CRM) data against human error and other disasters. You can back up Salesforce data and metadata directly to the Redstor cloud—and if you choose to protect your wider estate too—manage everything via a single app.

Starting at $4.50 /Month

Top Features

  • Simplify compliance

    Customise retention periods for as long as you need them and benefit from a monitorable and auditable process that speeds up Subject Access Requests.

  • Centralised management

    Establish a consistent data protection policy, not just for Salesforce, but across a whole estate, viewing cloud and onsite data in one place through a single app.

  • Rapid deployment

    Protect your Salesforce data with just a few clicks, autoscale the protection you need with no hardware to install, manage or replace, no impact on local bandwidth and no egress or ingress charges.

  • Strong security

    Data is encrypted at source and remains encrypted at all times. You control the encryption key and you set role-based permissions. There’s no circumventing Salesforce security.

  • Fast recovery

    Avoid the risk of overwriting live data by recovering permanently what you need straight away as a CSV file and then importing this into Salesforce. Or access backups temporarily on a virtual drive.


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