Meet the demands of modern businesses with SMART SIM

With our SMART SIM, you can rest assured that your IoT devices are always connected, anywhere in the world, and at the best possible price.

Internet Failover

  • Our SMART SIM allows for Multi-IMSI support covering 800+ carriers worldwide to keep you connected in the event of an outage.

IOT & M2M Connectivity

  • Connect your IoT and M2M devices to a stable wireless connection from multiple networks. Get flexible shared data plans from 50Kb up to 1PB.

Private LTE/5G

  • Expanded coverage: private and public LTE. Includes automatic over-the-air provisioning & unified billing for private and public network usage.

Global SIM Cards

  • Our extensive mobile network of strategically spread out APNs allows for minimal latency, significantly improving the user experience.