Trusted & Protected Document Signing with Blockchain Technology

Safeguard your agreements with jSign.

Electronic Signatures Backed by Blockchain

  • Not all electronic signature services are created equal, and no one wants to question the integrity of their digitally-signed documents.
  • With jSign, every action taken with a document is logged and timestamped using blockchain – a more secure database technology - which helps prevent fraud, false signatures, or other types of tampering.

Why Use Blockchain for Digital Document Signing?

  • Auditing & Tracking: Every step of the signing process is tracked and timestamped using blockchain, creating a record of activity that is the perfect audit trail.
  • Fraud Prevention: Because blockchain data can’t be modified, records stored in blockchain can’t be changed or tampered with.
  • Security: With blockchain, data isn’t stored in one centralized location, which makes it more difficult to hack.

Electronic Signatures - Sign in a Snap

The easiest, fastest way to collect signatures and sign documents right from your computer.

What is an electronic signature?

  • An electronic signature, sometimes called an e-signature, is a legally binding method of signing contracts, documents, and other paperwork right from your computer. It eliminates the wasted time and resources needed to print a document, sign it by hand, and then re-scan it to send it back. Or even worse — to wait for it to be signed and mailed back. In today’s busy world, who has that kind of time?
  • When you get documents signed with jSign, the process becomes automated and tracked, making for a smooth and simplified workflow.

How is an e-signature better than a traditional signature?

  • Faster: Clients and colleagues can sign documents and return them much faster than manual signatures, aka "wet" signatures. Plus, with jSign, you’ll get an automatic email the moment the document is executed. No waiting for a manual email, fax, or post.
  • Cheaper: Electronic signature software saves money on postage, printing, and toner by letting you sign right on your screen.
  • More Efficient: Sign your documents and return them all in one Dashboard with no extra steps. Automatically remind colleagues that they have a document to sign, and free up your team for more urgent work!

Proof of Signing for Trustworthy E-signatures

Get all of your electronically signed document’s most important information in one simple PDF – the Certificate of Completion. Every document signed with jSign comes with this concise, verifiable receipt to make sure your e-signing process is worry-free.

What is a Certificate of Completion?

  • Think of a Certificate of Completion as a virtual receipt for an electronic signature. If things get messy, this detailed PDF can keep you out of legal trouble down the road.
  • But jSign’s Certificate of Completion is so much more than your typical e-receipt. On top of providing proof of signing and guaranteeing the validity of the document and its signature, the blockchain-based technology contains:

Boost Productivity with Custom Templates

jSign users can save time and streamline workflows by creating reusable templates for their most commonly used documents.

With jSign templates, you can:

  • Create document templates for documents that will be used regularly (e.g. documents used for onboarding, audits, exit interviews, employment offers, etc.).
  • Export templates for others to use.
  • Import templates into your jSign document repository.
  • Edit and modify templates.
  • Deactivate or reactivate templates as needed.
  • jSign reusable templates help professionals speed up communications by cutting out repetitive tasks and ensuring your most frequently used documents are always ready to go.

Verify E-signatures in a Snap with Audit Trails

Keep track of all your important signed documents with jSign’s thorough audit trail. Once you sign documents online with jSign and the e-signature process is complete, you can review details of a document’s history, including individuals who accessed it, actions taken, and timestamps in a convenient step-by-step audit log.

The audit log in jSign tracks many different events within the lifecycle of your document, including:

  • Keep your documents properly organized and collect online signatures that can be easily verified in just a click. Our interactive tools make it simple to drag and drop fillable signature, initial, and date fields that are protected by blockchain technology.
  • Document creation
  • Signature status
  • Signer name
  • Document observers
  • Signing method
  • Timestamps
  • Attachments
  • One-time passcode authentication for guest signers