Intuitive hybrid work solutions

Solutions for business and the work-from-anywhere world

At smpl, we craft expert communication solutions with personalized support for everyday teams and small businesses. Our user-friendly Hosted Platform simplifies business phone service management. Easily add devices like desk phones or smartphones and customize features—create menus, voicemail, conferences, and more. We secure and manage your local network, provide real-time connectivity monitoring, and offer customizable WiFi. Our services extend to custom-managed IT, including help desk support, one-call resolutions, multi-site management, and on-call access to security experts.

Top Features

  • Hybrid solutions

    Today, you can work from anywhere and smpl makes it easy to communicate and stay connected on any device.

  • Intuitive platforms

    Customize services that fit your business needs with new pricing plans. Each plan offers powerful features for your users.

  • Managed, reinvented

    We think bigger as the first Unified Managed Service Provider (uMSP) for phone, network, meeting, messaging, and more.

  • One-stop support

    Experience the best customer service with one team to help with onboarding, training, setup, assistance, and beyond.