Okta Lifecycle Management

Manage provisioning like a pro

Automate all lifecycles with any business process

Okta Lifecycle Management is a cloud-based identity lifecycle automation product that increases IT processes efficiency and streamlines access decisions. Unlike traditional IGA systems, Okta Lifecycle Management is integrated and has built-in best practices for automation, frictionless and intuitive user experience, and extensibility to any application on any device. It has extensible pre-integrated provisioning to applications, a directory that is built for integration, a lifecycle orchestration engine with workflows and policies, and access governance reporting.

Top Features

  • Automates Access Decisions and Prevents Errors

    New employees get secure access on day one. Employees who leave lose access immediately.

  • Maintain One Source of Truth for Users, Groups, and Devices

    Eliminates additional user stores. Enables users to be masters in different sources (e.g. HR systems).

  • Automate Account Creation and Changes

    Save an average of 30 minutes of IT admin time, on average, per provisioning request.

  • Prevent Errors in User Access Rights

    Avoid unnecessary costs of preparing for audits and unforeseen security breaches.


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