Okta Customer Identity Cloud

Building secure, seamless experiences

Create frictionless registration and login for your apps

Okta Customer Identity Cloud is an identity service that enables frictionless experiences, speed-to-market, centralized management, and internet-scale security. Identity is the foundation for a secure, seamless customer experience, but it has been difficult to build complex authentication into modern applications. We secure personal information by enhancing authentication without adding needless complexity and sacrificing usability. We build a richer picture of your customers so you can offer them more targeted campaigns with higher conversion rates and drive a return on marketing investment.

Starting at $14,000.00 /Year

Top Features

  • Authentication

    Implement frictionless and customizable login experiences; leverage out-of-the-box workflows (e.g. password reset and account recovery) or build a completely customized experience for enterprise identities.

  • User management

    Maintain all your users, groups, devices, and policies in one place, hosted in the Okta Identity Cloud. Do everything programmatically using code, or use the user-friendly admin console to add, delete, or update users and groups.

  • Authorization

    Control which APIs your users and developers have access to fine-grained, standards-based authorization policies; implement role-based access control to applications.

  • Adaptive MFA

    Extend authentication with a the second level of security is enforced with a comprehensive set of intelligent policy parameter.

  • Lifecycle management

    Create seamless single sign-on experiences and manage user lifecycles with automated onboarding and off-boarding. Easily connect your users with popular third-party cloud and on-premise application using Okta’s extensive network of 5,500+ integrations.

  • B2B integrations

    Easily create directory integrations to your existing enterprise IDP, such as Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP. Inbound federation support for SAML and WS-Fed connections so your users can sign in with their existing identity provider. Mitigate the risk of credential theft.


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