Data Center Colocation

Typically, colocation data centers offer the infrastructure (building), power, cooling, connectivity, physical security, etc. while the customer provides their own servers, storage, and switch/routing gear. Ordinarily, the space at a facility is leased by the room, cage, rack, cabinet, or even by the “U”. Many colocation data centers today are expanding their portfolio to extend additional services such as “Remote Hands” or “Smart Hands” services to offer even further flexibility and options for their customers. If you’re ready to discover how colocation services with RACK59 can transform your business. Data center colocation is the placement of customer-owned compute, storage, and networking assets in a third-party leased facility. Colocation data centers offer scalability, continuity, and security for web/software applications, client data, and management systems. Colocation facilities often provide access to the most advanced data center technologies available, while removing the need to build, staff, and manage their own in-house server rooms or on-premise data center space. This operational flexibility gives colocation customers the ability to focus on their core business strengths and revenue opportunities.

Benefits of Moving your IT Assets to a Colocation Data Center

  • A predictable and operational expenditure model
  • Flexibility and scalability that allows additional capacity (space, power, and bandwidth) to be brought on quickly and cost-effectively
  • Better access to space, power, and capacity
  • Gain an experienced team of professionals dedicated to securing the reliable access to your IT infrastructure
  • An ecosystem of partners and MSP providers in the same facility
  • Lean infrastructure to manage during times of rapid business change
  • Resiliency and up-time obtained with best-in-class tools providing an improved road map for disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Up-to-date facility infrastructure responds to necessary cooling, power, and environmental changes
  • A secure facility ensures data integrity and security
  • Colocation service level agreements to ensure services are received as negotiated

Private Data Center

  • Private data center space gives you the extra level of security that makes the auditor’s job easy. RACK59 can configure your private data center such that it has completely separate infrastructure from the other customers including separate UPSes, CRAC units, generators, and network equipment.
  • The RACK59 team can provide your private data center to meet the power and heat dissipation requirements of your equipment. This type of flexible solution is why customers continue to use RACK59 for customized data center solutions.

Managed IT Services

We proactively monitor, manage, and advance your IT environments so you can focus on the strategic vision of your business. With our managed IT services in Oklahoma City, OK, you can stay focused on what really matters to your business.

Advisory Services

  • Virtual CIO
  • Strategic Planning
  • IT Governance and ITIL Consulting
  • Cost Analysis and M&A Advisory Services

Professional Services

  • Engineering and Architecture Design Services
  • Configuration Development and Change Control Services
  • Assessments and Surveys
  • Cybersecurity Assessments and Testing Services
  • Product Solutions Consultation – Pre-Sales and Post-Sales

Managed Services

  • NOC Solutions
  • Support/Help Desk Services
  • Field Services
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Project Management


  • Asset Management
  • Hardware / Software / Support Contracts
  • Subscription and Renewal Planning
  • SSL Certificate Renewal
  • Domain Renewal

Secure Private Data Centers

Our Private Data Centers feature dedicated infrastructure, privacy, and security for ultimate control. Proactive maintenance strategies comply with risk management guidelines to meet the specific needs of our customers.

  • RACK59 provides a wide array of data center options with scalable densities that allow customers to grow a carefully planned end-to-end data center footprint. Our resilient and mission-critical infrastructure is deployed with appropriate audit compliance and security protocols to meet rigorous standards for each market and industry we serve.

RACK59’s private data center environments can provide you with fully customizable options, including:

  • Enhanced security with customizable caging and CCT video security
  • Gated tenant and customer parking
  • Private access controls such as magnetic key card units and bio-metric denial systems
  • Tailored power and connectivity options
  • Unique layout options with consultation available from our expert data center engineers to ensure maximum efficiency

Enterprise Colocation Data Center Services

Today’s global economy is fueled by enterprises that rely on the cloud and consumption-based IT services. Big Data, analytics, e-commerce, and more are the engine that power enterprise businesses. Keeping the engine running smoothly is paramount to flawlessly fulfilling the needs of their data-driven customers, clients, and consumers. The RACK59 mission is to be their unyielding partner in this mission-critical endeavor.

  • RACK59 is designed with multiple, independent, physically isolated systems that have redundant capacity components. These in turn feature multiple, independent, diverse, active distribution paths to simultaneously serve our client’s computing systems.
  • Carrier-neutral network
  • Direct connections via Layer3 into Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google, and hundreds of other SaaS providers.
  • Our enterprise data center services feature private enterprise data center capabilities for additional security and process functions for meeting HIPAA and PCI compliance standards.
  • Fully customizable enterprise data center services for accommodating large-scale production or BCDR needs
  • Numerous physical security layers within a highly protected facility
  • Customizable secure cages and individual colocation cabinets
  • 24-hour remote hands and smart hands support
  • Data center asset tracking.
  • SSAE 16 SOC2 Type 2 Audited

Business Continuity & Workplace recovery

A critical component of any disaster recovery plan is a convenient, reliable, and secure business continuity workspace. In the event of a natural disaster, relocating people and operations is crucial to getting a business back up and running as soon as possible. Our shared and private Business Continuity Suites in west Oklahoma City combines function, form, and design to provide best-in-class technology and secure amenities to support your disaster recovery procedures. Best of all, they are absolutely dedicated to your company and designed to meet your specific needs.

  • 100+ shared workstations in a climate-controlled, cubicle-divided, multi-tenant environment.
  • Or private, custom-designed workspaces with workstations and meeting rooms designed to the customer’s specific needs.
  • Dedicated fiber-optic access to customers’ colocated assets in the data center.
  • Campus amenities: Colocation data center, customer lounge, conference space, auditorium/event space, convenience market, fitness area with locker-rooms, showers, and exercise equipment.
  • VOIP and PC network access points are located in the business continuity space and meeting rooms.

Data Center Connectivity

Data Center Connectivity is a major decision priority in today’s successful colocation solutions. As a carrier-neutral data center with 27+ On-Net providers, RACK59 can facilitate MPLS and Metro E circuits from virtually any provider. Dedicated fiber connections to our on-site carrier hotel and 201 Robert S Kerr, provide countless peering opportunities for our customers.

  • Our network engineers can handle any customized data center connectivity solution that your company may have. In addition to carrier circuits, RACK59 can also provide a blended BGP mesh bandwidth that is provisioned from physically diverse entries. This unique bandwidth offering can provide the redundant connectivity many enterprise customers require for their data-intensive production. Whether it is a 1 Mbps or a GigE circuit, RACK59 can provide the reliable bandwidth your company counts on.
  • 27+ Carriers to choose from
  • Carrier neutrality
  • MPLS and Metro-E circuits
  • True BGP Mesh Bandwidth
  • 4 Diverse physical fiber entries into the building
  • 3 NAPs (Network Access Points) creating a self-healing ring
  • 1Mbps or a GigE circuit

Data Center Support Services

RACK59 data center support provides access to data center support technicians that have constant insight into the status of infrastructure and services across the entire platform. We leverage our proven data center infrastructure management (DCIM) platform to rapidly identify specific services and infrastructure connected to your equipment to efficiently address service questions, troubleshoot, and manage cases with higher reliability.

Data Center Support Technicians

  • A 3-tier technician support system ensures rapid resolution of client needs from the enterprise level that calls on us for private data center configurations to an SMB with a single half cabinet presence. This includes:
  • Level-1 techs to quickly respond to trouble tickets (via phone, web or email) and take care of most routine requests
  • Level-2 techs are subject-level experts who resolve more specific and complex issues
  • Level-3 techs resolve the most complex requests.

Skilled and Experienced Support

  • Remote Hands and Smart Hands technical support services enable you to have our skilled data center technicians act on your behalf and under your direction onsite at the RACK59 data center to proactively or reactively fix any issues that may arise with your colocation equipment.
  • RACK59 is staffed by IT professionals that are always available for technical support so customers can focus on their core business while saving time, money, and freedom from downtime
  • The RACK59 ES2 monitoring system sends notifications of issues and potential issues 24/7/365
  • Environmental monitoring systems that maintain the temperature of the data center between 68℉ and 74℉.
  • Over 300 monitoring points including the UPSes, network switches, generators, chillers, CRAC units, and anything else we can put a sensor on.