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Integrating B2B enterprise identities

Seamless interactions with your enterprise partners and customers often require that you grant them access to enterprise applications or internal systems that you’ve developed or are developing. But in a world where each of your enterprise partners and customers’ individual users might already be managing dozens of digital identities, you don’t want to jeopardize their user experience by requiring them to create yet another identity to access your application or shared resources. To foster healthy relationships and increase the adoption rate of your technical innovations and applications, you need to create frictionless experiences that allow those users to use their existing enterprise identities.

Top Features

  • Simplify campus complexity

    With Okta Universal Directory, institutions can connect to a variety of directory sources—AD, LDAP, Ellucian, Peoplesoft, Workday—and use Okta as the hub for connecting users with the resources they need.

  • Enhance campus cybersecurity

    Okta’s Adaptive MFA helps mitigate phishing attacks, which education is particularly vulnerable to, while also providing a variety of factors and even passwordless options to simplify the experience for end-users such as students.

  • Streamlined access for students and staff

    With Single Sign-On, admins gain a single pane of glass to manage access across this complex user base and can use group rules to ensure that the right people get access to the right resources. Okta also integrates with Shibboleth and In common to provide access to core educational services.

  • Automate on/offboarding for all campus users

    Automate access, from applicant to alumnus. Take advantage of Okta groups to support enhanced provisioning. Schools can use Workday or traditional directories like AD or LDAP as their source or use Okta’s CSV-as-a-source to connect to systems such as Ellucian Banner, Colleague, and Peoplesoft Campus.


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