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Automating the student lifecycle from application through graduation

Okta Lifecycle Management is a cloud-based identity lifecycle automation product that increases IT processes' efficiency and streamlines access decisions. Unlike traditional IGA systems, Okta Lifecycle Management is integrated and has built-in best practices for automation, frictionless and intuitive user experience, and extensibility to any application on any device. It has extensible pre-integrated provisioning to applications, a directory that is built for integration, a lifecycle orchestration engine with workflows and policies, and access governance reporting.

Top Features

  • Enhance productivity and reduce costs

    Your IT team doesn’t have time to manually onboard and offboard users. Your employees don’t have time to wait to get access to the apps they need to work.

  • Simplify user permissions for the extended enterprise

    Modern organizations don’t just rely on employees. Partners, contractors, vendors, and customers all need varying levels of access to your resources and apps too.

  • Strengthen security

    Manual provisioning and de-provisioning processes and patchworked scripts increase security risks. Strengthen your security with automation.

  • Streamline auditing and compliance

    Make audits painless (yes, really) with a centralized view of users and their account access.


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