Okta for Education Multi-Factor Authentication

Security and user-friction for your apps

Account Security

Secure accounts from credential theft and fraud with MFA:

Integrated security

  • Make your entire security and fraud prevention stack work for you. Integrate external risk signals from across all your security vendors to gain better visibility into potential threats. Step-up authentication or block requests only when needed to remove friction for your end-users.

Cloud-to-ground protection

  • Secure your accounts and apps with a strong multi-factor authentication solution that will keep the right people in and the wrong people out. Protect all your resources, including customer-facing apps and enterprise apps that store your most sensitive data.

Proactive security

  • Get extra security for your business by taking advantage of Okta’s network effect. Automatically block suspicious IP addresses that have attempted identity attacks on other organizations in Okta’s customer base with Okta ThreatInsight.

Deliver a strong end-user access experience

Balance security and productivity:

Less friction

  • With adaptive, context-based access policies, you can reduce friction for users by prompting for MFA less frequently if your employees or customers sign in through SSO or through a managed or known device.

No more passwords

  • Keep your workforce and customers happy by implementing passwordless authentication. Yes, that’s right—you can say goodbye to passwords for good.


  • Users can enroll or reset MFA factors on their account themselves—saving time and money for them and your team.

Make smarter access decisions across all your business use cases

Secure your employees, partners, contractors, and customers with a range of MFA factors to fit every business need. Create contextual access policies that assess risk factors, such as device, network, location, travel, IP, and other contexts, at each step of the authentication process. Even integrate external risk signals to provide additional context. Then pair risk levels with appropriate access decisions, like allowing or denying access, prompting for MFA, or using passwordless authentication for a low-risk request.

Meet your compliance requirements and regulations

No matter what authentication assurance your industry requires, they’ve got you covered.

  • Many industries require multi-factor authentication for different user groups across employees and consumers. And some regulations even require specific authenticator assurance levels. Meet these regulations with ease by choosing from a range of assurance factors—including knowledge factors, possession factors, inherence factors, and time-based factors—that comply with your industry requirements.