Okta for Education Multi-Factor Authentication

Security and user-friction for your apps

Secure, intelligent access to delight students and staff

Okta Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) provides additional security to protect organizations from data breaches while offering administrators and end-users the simplicity to stay productive. Leveraging device and user context through an adaptive, risk-based approach, Okta Adaptive MFA also integrates with the applications and infrastructure you’re already using to make deployment that much easier. Additionally, today’s user expects seamless access with minimal friction. It allows good users in while keeping attackers out. Use contextual access policies to detect login anomalies and enforce strong authentication for your customer applications, only when necessary.

Top Features

  • Secure authentication for all environments

    Okta Adaptive MFA protects identity and access to data wherever your users go and wherever your data lives. Built for rapid expansion with the cloud, Okta’s MFA solution can also support your on-premises needs for VPN, RDP, and SSH. Hybrid environments and mobile users are also covered so access to apps and data is always secured.

  • Comprehensive second factors and assurance levels

    Different situations require different strategies for authentication and identity assurance. Not all factors are appropriate in every circumstance, and organizations typically want a variety of assurance levels—levels of proof that a user is who they say they are—based on security needs.

  • Adaptive and risk-based capabilities

    User and risk levels are always changing; your security should be able to keep up. Okta Adaptive MFA allows for dynamic policy changes and step-up authentication in response to changes in user and device behavior, location, or other contexts. Adaptive MFA supports detection and authentication challenges for riskier situations.

  • Fully integrates with your organization

    Okta integrates with thousands of web apps through standards-based protocols and can centrally enforce MFA across all of them. And Okta’s RADIUS Agent extends MFA to even more devices. For those who want even more flexibility, customer app integrations are also possible through Okta’s API.


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