Enterprise technology platform

Networking Solutions

Help secure your data, optimize application performance and improve digital experiences using high‑bandwidth connections with continuous threat monitoring and mitigation.

Internet Services

  • Compare prices and features to find the right solution for your needs—delivered on one of the world’s largest, most connected and secure networks.

Networking Services

  • Integrated networking solutions designed to decrease latency, strengthen security and scale to growing business demand.

Cloud Connectivity

  • High-performance cloud networking to public and private clouds.

Customer Premises Equipment

  • Managed next-gen data, voice, cloud, mobile and security technology.

Implementation Services

  • Use certified cloud and network project managers to successfully execute a cloud and network implementation plan.

Collaboration Solutions

Excel in today’s hybrid workplace with Voice and UC&C solutions designed for optimal performance.

Unified Communications & Collaboration

  • Transform the way your team works with flexible Lumen® Unified Communications and Collaboration, delivered on one of the largest, most connected global networks.


  • Evolve your legacy voice and calling solutions with Lumen® Next-Gen Voice and take control of your workplace environment.

Contact Center

  • Lumen’s perspective and experience in the contact center space have enabled us to develop a portfolio of contact center offerings that can be customized to meet your current needs and optimized to match your company's CX trajectory moving forward.

Security Solutions

From the latest DDoS intelligence to threat mitigation and SASE use cases, we have the resources to help defend your network.

Networking and Application Security

  • DDoS Mitigation - Powerful protection against single and multi-vector attacks.
  • Web Application Firewall - Next-gen Web Application Firewall (WAF), Bot Risk Management (BRM) and API solutions to defend against application layer attacks.
  • Adaptive Network Security - Cloud-based platform to streamline threat management for hybrid security environments, with automated detection and response powered by Black Lotus Labs®.

Threat Discovery and Response

  • Lumen Virtual SOC - Security service that provides 24/7 SIEM monitoring, alert management, and incident handling to detect, analyze and quickly respond to cyber threats.
  • Managed SIEM - Relieve the burden from your in-house security team and get 24/7 system administration, monitoring and maintenance of your SIEM software.
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity Services - Cybersecurity is augmented with classified threat info from the U.S. government.

Security Strategy and Planning

  • Professional Security Services - Reduce threat management overload and shrink attack surfaces while increasing defense alertness.
  • Ransomware Assessment - Identify weaknesses and protect your intellectual property from ransomware attacks.

Edge Cloud Solutions

From compute and storage servers to data processing, machine learning (ML) and IoT devices, discover how Lumen® Edge Cloud Solutions drive productivity in major industries.


  • Lumen® Content Delivery Network - Deliver exceptional streaming services, high-speed video delivery and real-time digital content at the edge.
  • Lumen® Application Delivery Solutions - Flexibly build, deliver and manage edge apps and workloads using real-time insights and traffic-trend analytics designed for DevOps.


  • Lumen® DDoS Mitigation Services - Deploy powerful protection against multi-vector and mixed-application-layer attacks with Lumen® DDoS Hyper® On-Demand or Always-On.
  • Lumen® Web Application Firewall - Get the flexibility your DevSecOps teams require for rapid, agile deployment and defense against application-layer attacks.
  • Lumen® Managed Premises Firewall Service - Secure and defend your infrastructure by protecting the network perimeter from external threats.
  • Lumen® Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) - Establish a dynamic, digital identity-based perimeter to stop malicious traffic before it can attack.


  • Lumen® Edge Gateway - Take advantage of an on-premises edge computing solution for WAN, security and IT workloads.
  • Lumen® Edge Private Cloud - Harness fully managed pre-built infrastructure for high-performance computing on our global fiber network.
  • Lumen® Edge Bare Metal - Optimize app performance and processing power with dedicated bare metal servers on edge nodes designed to deliver <5ms of latency.


  • Lumen® Fiber+ Internet - Get internet speeds up to 1 Gbps with enterprise network reliability and built-in DNS protection for all devices.
  • Lumen® Dynamic Connections - Seamlessly connect to the cloud using secure, real-time network provisioning and direct connections to 2,200+ public and private data centers worldwide.
  • Lumen® SD-WAN - Secure and coordinate workloads on a single, automated platform with centralized visibility and control.