Route inbound calls to the right agent or department

LiveVox's Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is a key component of our cloud-based contact center platform, designed to efficiently route incoming calls to the most appropriate agents based on predefined criteria. We helps optimize call handling by directing calls to the right agents, reducing wait times, and enhancing customer service. Our ACD functionality is part of our omnichannel Cloud Contact Center (CCaaS) platform, which caters to small and medium businesses seeking to automate customer support across various communication channels for improved customer satisfaction.

Top Features

  • Highly configurable

    LiveVox’s ACD can route inbound calls to specific agent teams, outbound services, voicemail boxes, a self-service IVR, or several of these options.

  • Unified contacts across channels

    Regardless of channel, LiveVox can route the engagement—Voice, Email, SMS, or Webchat—to the appropriate agent.

  • Power of the cloud

    Because our global ACD is based in the cloud, you can route to any agent regardless of location, whether inside your contact center or working remotely.