Unify all contacts & engagements into a single pane of glass

LiveVox Unified CRM (U-CRM) syncs information across systems to keep the customer at the center of every interaction. It helps in centralising and standardising key customer information and interaction history, across all communication channels and applications, into a single database. It creates unified customer profiles with insight across the entire customer journey for improved targeting and segmentation.

Top Features

  • Many interactions, one conversation

    A threaded view of all previous customer interactions in one easy-to-access place lets agents quickly personalize each conversation and update customer profiles in real-time.

  • Unified desktops improve customer outcomes

    Eliminate the hassle of toggling between screens when time is of the essence with the perspective and capabilities agents need from a single pane of glass.

  • Create a holistic customer experience

    Gain a single view of the customer including account information, interaction history, channel metrics, and more with the single click of a button.