LiveVox Speech IQ/Analytics Bundle

Advanced Speech Analytics & Compliance

Build an experience your customers want

An industry award-winning solution that closes the loop between speech and multichannel analytics, quality management, and agent performance. It understands the call drivers and sentiment of every conversation while automatically monitoring and scoring 100% of customer interactions to identify risk and scale best practices. And all this is done with an easy-to-use tool that doesn’t require in-house technical expertise.

Top Features

  • Transform quality and compliance

    Always be on top of quality and compliance as 100% of interactions in your contact center are automatically monitored, analyzed, and scored by advanced AI. Be promptly notified of regulatory risk, customer dissatisfaction, or anything that is important to your business.

  • Improve CX and ROI

    Use our reporting tools to tap into thousands of calls as a potentially transformative source of insight for customer experience as well as to drive new marketing, operational, and coaching strategies.

  • Drive agent performance

    Understand your team’s performance and morale wherever they are. Provide agents with highly detailed, objective feedback on their interactions. Streamline your quality management processes to free up time for managers to provide targeted coaching.