Protect your cloud, video and internet traffic from interruptions

Software-defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is a next-generation networking approach that is considered a game-changer for distributed enterprise networks in terms of both cost and flexibility. APX Net SD-WAN uses software to control network connectivity, management and services between campuses, offices, branch offices, data centers or cloud instances. An SD-WAN appliance is placed at each business location and typically connected to our network gateway by up to four redundant public or private links. Traffic is sent dynamically over the best path to its destination – whether that’s a corporate data center, public cloud applications, or the Internet.

Top Features

  • Combined connections

    APX Net SD-WAN manages multiple connection types including fiber optics, hybrid-fiber coaxial cable and copper (e.g., DSL and T1s).

  • Reduced costs

    By leveraging local fiber-optic connections, our SD-WAN solution eliminates traditional expensive long-haul circuits.

  • Increased bandwidth

    Our SD-WAN service aggregates multiple connections to boost available bandwidth.

  • Dynamic routing

    Our SD-WAN service selects traffic paths dynamically for load balancing and resiliency.

  • Guaranteed uptime

    APX Net SD-WAN delivers redundancy with truly diverse primary and secondary paths for guaranteed uptime.

  • Quality of service

    Our SD-WAN solution prioritizes applications like real-time video for quality of service.

  • Reduced support calls

    With APX Net SD-WAN, calls to your support center from employees and customers reporting Internet downtime will be reduced significantly.

  • Improved security

    Our SD-WAN service can aid in protecting your corporate network from cyber threats with real-time monitoring and secure mobile access.

  • Management access

    Our web dashboard offers you complete network visibility for evaluating performance, bandwidth demand and resolving problems.