New Wave Energy Services

Experienced team of industry professionals

Modular Tank Solutions

The most cost-effective above-ground water storage solution in the industry, New Wave Energy’s Modular Storage Tanks are professionally engineered, offering the strongest and safest water storage solution in the industry.

Buffer Tank Solutions

New Wave offers our revolutionary 200m3/1250bbl frac buffer tank.

  • The New Wave buffer tank is one of the preferred products in the oil and gas industry used for flow-back. It also includes an integrated manifold system and a 2 – 5 million BTU stream coil heating system which prevents freezing, reduces labor costs, and increases reliability to work in harsh weather conditions. When the buffer tank is used with the addition of New Wave’s Modular Tanks on flow back, we are able to eliminate the use of extra pumps by utilizing gravity flow back.

Water Transfer Solutions

Engineering systems of pumps, lay flat, manifolds, and flow back operations, the New Wave team can provide tailored water transfer designs specific to the client’s needs.

  • Our experienced team members have worked in all weather conditions, giving them the ability to work in harsh climates of any terrain. New Wave can provide services in water sourcing, permitting, long-distance transfer, frac support, high-speed loading/unloading stations, flow back and flow back management. A wide variety of pumps are available to meet your requirements. New Wave utilizes single reel deployment (200 meters (660 ft) sections) or large reel deployment (1.2 km (3940 ft) sections), New Wave now offers a better way to save on trucking costs and labor while reducing customer footprint. Customer satisfaction and safety are the driving forces at New Wave.

Water Sourcing Solutions

New Wave Energy Services can provide turnkey services in support of your project, providing analytical support, field analysis, and reliable water source selections. New Wave has extensive water supplies readily available for operator use and can provide support to operators when identifying, acquiring, and permitting source water.

  • Identification & assessment of source water
  • Delivery method evaluation & planning
  • Regulatory & permitting
  • Environmental assessments
  • Customer-driven solutions
  • Complete field water strategy, development & execution

Water Treatment Solutions

New Wave provides chemical, and other methods to condition fresh water, flow back fluids or produced water to be used in hydraulic fracturing operations. In addition, some flow back fluids and produced water are treated prior to disposal or use in secondary recovery/pressure maintenance operations.

  • We aim to target treatment solutions that are custom-tailored to our existing customer base, including the use of biocides, filtration, and other systemized processes.