Calpine Energy Solutions

Largest generator of electricity

Helping you successfully manage your energy costs

Calpine Energy Solutions is a US retail energy business that helps commercial and industrial businesses successfully manage their energy costs in deregulated markets nationwide. We provide our customers with an integrated mix of products and services including commodity supply, risk management, access to market information, demand management, enrollments, scheduling services, settlements, and billing. We combine the energy services and commodity risk management expertise from our background with Sempra Energy and Noble Group with access to independent, modern, clean and efficient generation assets.

Features & Benefits

  • Renewable energy

    For over 20 years, we have been one of the largest buyers of renewable energy and environmental attributes in the U.S., both to maintain our own compliance with state-mandated Renewable Portfolio Standards and in support of the voluntary efforts of our clients.

  • Data management

    Data integrity is the foundation of all we do so we take it seriously. In fact, we are the only licensed energy retailer in the U.S. that maintains ISO 9001: 2015 certification which is a Quality Management System demanding continuous improvement of critical business processes.

  • Risk management

    Our PowerFolio3D™ tools and services provide transparency, efficiency and performance benchmarking that helps clients achieve targeted cost outcomes while also honoring risk constraints.