Adobe RoboHelp

Help authoring tool for technical content

Authoring and publishing help, policy & knowledge base content

Adobe RoboHelp is a help authoring tool developed and published by Adobe Inc. for Windows and Mac. We create and deliver exceptional help, policy and procedure, and knowledge base content. You can author Microcontent to fuel chatbots, feature snippets in search results, and more. Go ahead and create media-rich experiences using HTML5 and CSS3. We make collaboration seamless using web-based review capabilities. We also allow you to personalize customer experiences using Dynamic Content Filters. You can publish content such as Frameless Responsive HTML5, PDF, mobile apps, and much more to serve customers across all touchpoints.

Starting at $44.99 /Month

Top Features

  • Microcontent authoring and chatbot integration

    Ensure users quickly find answers to queries by serving up relevant, bite-sized pieces of information on websites and apps. Author new modular content or repurpose existing topic-based material in the microcontent editor. Use microcontent to fuel AI-power chatbots, search engine snippets, voice response systems and more, without coding.

  • Superior design and publishing capabilities

    From the makers of PDF, leverage extensive styling tools to publish stunning help content to PDF, optimized for digital or print. Use the skin editor to generate frameless, responsive HTML5 layouts with styling optimized as per brand guidelines.

  • Knowledge base output to Adobe Experience Manager

    Publish directly to a market-leading content management system with digital asset management. Unify help and marketing digital experiences and scale content globally across channels.


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