Adobe Technical Communication Suite

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Four market-leading content tools, one value-for-money suite

Adobe Technical Communication Suite gives you four cutting-edge products that transform your technical, eLearning, and business content into exceptional experiences.

Adobe FrameMaker: Boost productivity as you work on long, complex XML and non-XML content.
Adobe RoboHelp: Deliver highly personalized Help, policy, and knowledge base content experiences.
Adobe Captivate: Create responsive eLearning content.
Adobe Acrobat: Collaborate in real time with shared PDF reviews.

Top Features

  • Technical communicators

    Author, review, and publish online, print-based documents and other forms of comprehensive technical content.

  • Instructional designers

    Create and collaborate using learning materials for real and virtual classrooms and self-study programs.

  • Policy and procedure specialists

    Produce documentation that helps organizations achieve compliance with accounting, privacy, accessibility, and other regulatory statutes.

  • Information architects

    Organize and structure content in ways that make it more accessible, searchable, and easily filterable for end-users.

  • eLearning professionals

    Develop and maintain instructional sound and interactive assets such as educational videos, training materials and responsive eLearning content.

  • Training content developers

    Create interactive engagements by transforming presentation slides with dynamic quizzes, scenarios and other assets, and publish it as HTML5.


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