COMM-CORE Network Penetration Testing

A proactive approach to cyber security

Identify ways that attackers exploit & compromise sensitive data

A penetration test, often referred to as pen testing, is an evaluation of your organization’s network security. The purpose of a penetration test is to identify security weaknesses that expose your environment to malicious attacks. Unlike a traditional vulnerability assessment that only identifies security vulnerabilities within the tested environment, a penetration test usually takes it a step further by demonstrating potential impact. Over a number of years of performing penetration testing engagements, we understand the needs and expectations of customers who demand high-quality, valuable and comprehensive information security services.

Top Features

  • On Demand Penetration Testing

    Organizations can perform penetration tests at any time they want, however often they want.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Deliverable packages contain more comprehensive details to help organizations understand, mitigate, and attempt to reproduce threats identified found in their network.

  • Internal Network Penetration Testing

    Using a device connected to your internal environment, our consultants will discover security vulnerabilities present within the internal network environment. These activities simulate that of a malicious attacker.

  • External Network Penetration Testing

    Assuming the role of a malicious attacker from the public Internet, our consultants will identify security flaws within your external network environment. These flaws can include patching, configuration, and authentication issues.


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