Spectrum Enterprise DDoS Protection

Threat detection and mitigation

Shield your applications and systems from DDoS attacks

Cyberattacks like DDoS are designed to flood connectivity to a network, application, or service so that the intended users cannot access their resources. They are initiated with the goal of halting network operations, potentially causing damage to an organization's reputation, loss in revenue, or both. Spectrum Enterprise DDoS Protection is a subscription-based service designed to detect and mitigate these types of network attacks to ensure the availability of network assets. We apply cloud-based intelligence to quickly evaluate your expected network activity and identify threats attacking your Fiber Internet Access service.

Top Features

  • Comprehensive traffic evaluation

    Proprietary machine learning and advanced analytics, powered by NETSCOUT’s Arbor platform, identify anomalies in traffic flows at each of your locations to quickly mitigate attacks before they can negatively impact your organization.

  • Intelligent monitoring

    Offered with our Fiber Internet Access services, DDoS Protection quickly detects, redirects, and mitigates any malicious traffic and minimizes the impacts of a DDoS attack, ensuring the availability of your network assets.

  • Continuous support

    We provide a single source of support for fast and easy resolution. Our network operations center is equipped with experts and resources to ensure mitigation and support during an attack. You also have online access to incident reports that include event mitigation details, countermeasures deployed, IP addresses impacted, configuration settings, and more.


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