Expedient Multi-Cloud

Optimal computing platform

Empower your organization to leverage the IT estate

There is not one single cloud that can possibly provide a digital twin for your expansive IT estate. Instead, multi-cloud leverages the best platforms and technologies for each specific application, all accessed through a set of easy-to-use universal management services that minimize the learning curve for your current staff. We take a Cloud DifferentTM approach to the multi-cloud challenge in order to accelerate or reignite your organization’s transformation journey.

Top Features

  • Cloud Simplified

    Multi-cloud universal services provide standardization across all infrastructures. Hands-on 24x7 expert support from assessment through architecture and delivery and into operations to ensure that you never have to do it all yourself. A familiar VMware-based environment allows you to move to a Cloud Operating Model while leveraging existing team skills in parallel with building out cloud-native.

  • Cloud Safer

    Curated, robust tooling and infrastructure deliver centralized, consistent security policy management, visibility, and control across your entire estate. Top-tier cloud data centers optimized for uptime and efficiency offering a 100% uptime SLA. Data protection, backup, and disaster recovery capabilities are as simple as pushing a button.

  • Cloud Smarter

    Timely, quality data and insights from your IT estate via an unbiased third-party assessment platform. Expert practitioners guide your decision-making. Modeling your applications on the optimal platform, whether on-premises, enterprise cloud, or hyper-scale.