Expedient Security

Confidently deployed security policies

Questions To Ask

To figure out what you intend to happen, here are some questions to ask yourself.

What code should be running?

  • By basing your security model on intent, you know what code and processes belong in your environment and can block everything else. Expedient’s Endpoint Security platform watches for those known good processes and terminates processes that should not be running. It also monitors for traditional file-based attacks and watches for behavior-based attacks where good processes are used maliciously.

How should apps talk?

  • Understanding your traffic flows is crucial to having success running your workloads in the data center or cloud. Not only does this potentially save you money on egress charges, it is also necessary to secure your applications’ traffic. Expedient takes an “every direction” approach to protecting network traffic from north-south attacks that originate outside your environment and east-west attacks from server to server. Our multi-cloud firewall can protect ingress and egress traffic so that attackers can’t get in and data doesn’t leak out. With our micro-segmentation, you can authorize applications to talk to one another and prevent unauthorized communications laterally. This will reduce your attack surface and keep attackers from spreading laterally inside your data center or cloud network. Additionally, our solution allows you to identify servers that have known vulnerabilities and neutralize the vulnerabilities granularly at the network level.

Who should have access?

  • Imagine the front door to your house. Instead of leaving it open and trying to block unwanted guests individually, you lock your door and give keys to authorized guests. It’s much easier to allow access to selected groups rather trying to deny access individually. This is how we think about identity access. Our identity access management platform can simplify authorization by providing a consistent front door allowing you to control the lifecycle of access to your cloud workloads.

How do I monitor for the unintended?

  • Now that you know what, who, and how things are intended to work in our clouds, how do you know when unintended things are happening? Collecting security logs and events is a good start but when you’re using multiple clouds, having a single platform to consolidate them gives you a comprehensive view of the security of your workloads. Our SIEM centralizes collection of events from across clouds and analyzes them for security anomalies to find attacks before it’s too late.