Expedient Security

Confidently deployed security policies

Protect your applications at every layer of your infrastructure

Knowing what should be happening and what shouldn’t, sounds simple on the surface but implementing this in practice can be a massive challenge. Intent-based security requires a consistent way to deliver policies wherever your workloads live. With multiple clouds, there are different platforms, best practices, and syntax to learn to deliver a truly secure experience. With Expedient Security CTRL, policies and controls are centrally managed through a curated set of tools to simplify securing your workloads across clouds.

Top Features

  • End-point security

    This platform watches for those known good processes and terminates processes that should not be running. It also monitors for traditional file-based attacks and watches for behavior-based attacks where good processes are used maliciously.

  • Firewall and micro-segmentation

    Expedient's multi-cloud firewall can protect ingress & egress traffic so that attackers can’t get in & data doesn’t leak out. With our micro-segmentation, you can authorize apps to talk to one another & prevent unauthorized communications.

  • Identity access management

    Identity access management platform simplify authorization by providing a consistent front door that controls the lifecycle of access to your cloud workloads.

  • SIEM

    Expedient's SIEM centralizes collection of events from across clouds and analyzes them for security anomalies to find attacks before it’s too late.