Support for Dozens of Clouds

From hyperscalers like AWS, Azure, and GCP to enterprise clouds like Expedient and everything in between, we can connect and analyze costs.

Continuous Optimization

  • Constant monitoring and easy implementation of improvements ensures you’re not overspending on your instances.

Deep Reporting Capabilities

  • Show where spending can improve with organization-friendly reports and get real-time insights with filtering and custom tagging.

Compare Pricing Across Clouds

  • At deployment, see what your sizing will cost in different cloud platforms and know your costs upfront.

Budget Control, Approval Workflows

  • Set budgets for spending and prevent out of budget deployments from creating unexpected shortfalls.

Customize Your Costs

  • Utilize the cloud providers’ pricing APIs to pull in instance types from your clouds and apply custom rate cards to personalize your pricing.

Cost Visibility with Showback

  • Group your organization’s usage to view your teams’ or business units’ spending at a granular level.