Arelion IP Connect

Premium direct/dedicated Internet access

Secure and stable direct access to the Internet

Arelion IP Connect provides dedicated access to all Internet destinations on the Internet without the need for an AS number, IP addresses, or having to manage a potentially complex BGP routing environment. Our #1 global IP customer base accounts for more than half of global Internet routes, ensuring that your Internet traffic takes a direct path to its final destination - secure and stable.

Top Features

  • Internet access without an AS number

    If you don’t have your own AS number, but want to enjoy the benefits of our network, DIA is the ideal solution. We provide you with IP addresses and dedicated capacity to the global Internet.

  • Symmetrical upload and download speed

    DIA provides you with symmetrical upload and download speeds up to 10Gbps. Your allocated bandwidth is dedicated to you and will not slow down, even during peak traffic periods.

  • No BGP routing needed

    If your business is mostly focused on local or national markets, you will find Dedicated Internet Access a more economically viable option than IP Transit. By avoiding the costs of managing a BGP routing environment, you can efficiently scale your operations without the networking complexities.

  • Resilient and redundant routes

    Highly connected network & advanced routing environment enable us to dynamically control traffic & optimize paths for the lowest possible latency. Our backbone and network operations team continuously routes your traffic across the most direct paths with built-in resilience and redundancy when network outages occur.

  • Guaranteed Internet bandwidth

    Organizational productivity requires greater use of SaaS applications and online tools that are accessible across the internet. DIA will provide you with uncontended bandwidth - a contention ratio of 1:1, ensuring that your bandwidth is 100% reserved for you.

  • Continuous data feeds across the Internet

    Whether you are handling continuous data feeds or running around-the-clock operations, you can depend on DIA as a consistently high-performing service. Our Carrier-Grade service level agreement (SLA) is intended to support “always-on” application and business demands.