Arelion Ethernet (EVPL & ELAN)

High-speed private network connectivity

Transform network with high-performance Ethernet

WAN evolution can be a challenge. Arelion's Ethernet services help you untangle your network using tried-and-tested technology to deliver scalable connectivity with the flexibility of EVPL and ELAN topologies to simplify your network. Ethernet is a private network connection with a high level of security and bandwidths from 10Mbps to 10Gbps. We guarantee service quality from the ground up so that you can benefit from the carrier-grade Ethernet quality.

Top Features

  • From LAN to WAN

    Take the speed and simplicity of your Local Area Network (LAN) into your Wide Area Network (WAN), to support your evolving business needs. Configure and shape your network with different topologies using our EVPL and ELAN services.

  • High-speed connectivity

    With Ethernet, you can rely on high-speed connectivity to distribute your critical data. We guarantee speeds of up to 10Gbps, for the topology you choose; easy to scale up and always able to meet your growing capacity demands.

  • Well-defined service attributes

    Our Ethernet services are MEF-certified & are underpinned by our high-capacity, top-ranked MPLS backbone & highly-skilled Operation team. We guarantee the service quality from the ground up so that you can benefit from carrier-grade Ethernet quality.

  • Supporting business expansion

    Ethernet offers unrivaled flexibility and can be upgraded to meet evolving customer needs — connecting new branch offices, data centers, and cloud service providers quickly and easily.

  • Future-proof technology backbone

    Ethernet has become the indispensable backbone technology for organizations across multiple industries. It is simple to operate, administer and maintain.

  • Networking around business models

    Ethernet is a ubiquitous and versatile technology that scales efficiently and flexibly to meet specific business needs.