LinkAmerica Wireless Primary Solution

Wireless Primary with Management Platform


Zeengl is an agnostic cloud-based platform that gives real-time visibility of your wireless network health and performance.

Other Key Features of our Zeengl platform

Which includes:

  • SLAs. Incidents Ticketing. Automation.
  • Speed anomaly detection and ticket generation.
  • Automatic failover alert. When active and inactive.
  • Historic reports. Last month and month to date. Site Scoring

Edge Agnostic

Our cloud-based analytics platform currently manages wireless routers' top brands in the market.

Weekly Performance Report / Dashboard

Zeengl provides in-depth and practical reporting so your business can respond as needed.

  • Signal strength of all of your devices (Weak, acceptable, strong)
  • Download throughput speed (Devices Above threshold / Below threshold)
  • Upload throughput (Devices Above threshold / Below threshold)
  • Incidents - Open (Month to date)
  • # Open incidents status
  • SLO Score (Priority 1 - 2 -3)