LinkAmerica Digital Managed Services

Wireless network managed services

Service Framework

Through our Digital Managed Services, you will be able to unleash the power of your wireless network. With our service, we can guarantee optimal performance of your wireless network and provide visibility according to your business needs.

Digital Delivery Platform

Cloud-based and agnostic Wireless Network Management Platform that gives real-time visibility of your wireless network health and performance through a single pane of glass.

Other Key Features of our Digital Delivert Platform

Service Management:

  • Realtime SLAs
  • Current # of Incidents
  • ITSM (Jira/Servicenow) Performance Monitoring
  • Device Geolocation
  • Inventory
  • Network´s Speed
  • Speed Anomaly Detection
  • Speed Testing on Demand
  • Latency / Jitter Data Consumption
  • Current/Historic
  • Data Usage
  • Data Usage in $
  • Data Reconciliation (Used vs Billed) Analytics
  • Historic Reports
  • Site Scoring Edge Integrations
  • Wireless Routers’ Top Brands
  • Access Points’ Top Brands
  • Edge Agnostic / Integrations Micro Services
  • Pain Points
  • Alerts Customization APIs
  • Open and Private APIs Single Pane of Glass
  • Other Platforms Integrations

Support Levels

Multiple levels of end-to-end support.


  • 24/7 proactive system monitoring
  • Multi-platform notification/escalation system
  • Auto-resolve notification alerts


  • 24/7 service desk support on event detection
  • Ticket management
  • Front-line technical support monitoring
  • IT Service Management. Incidents, SRs, Change


  • 24/7 technical engineering support for promoted incidents from T1
  • Trend analysis, advanced system administration
  • Network and application, configuration, and troubleshooting
  • Configuration, Testing, and Implementation


  • Premier Engineering Support to escalate issues for appropriate third-party technical support
  • Manage ticket hand-off and verify problem resolution
  • Configuration, Testing, and Implementation