Telesystem WiFi Engagement & Analytics

Access real-time demographic insights

It's time to put your WiFi to work for you

Telesystem’s WiFi Engagement & Analytics platform is unrivaled in its power and flexibility; whether that’s capturing key visitor data, building detailed visitor profiles and reports, or segmenting data to improve visitor engagement, we offer the tools and reporting functionality to transform your physical space and deliver exceptional visitor experiences. With our cloud software enabled on WiFi hardware, your business can access key demographic and behavioral visitor data, and optimize your space as needed. It also lets you capture real-time visitor data and insights, including name, age, gender, social interests, contact information, frequency of visits, and more.

Top Features

  • Build Profiles

    Get to know your visitors and build detailed profiles.

  • Segment Data

    Easily segment data to understand your visitor groups.

  • Custom Marketing

    Use the data collected to deliver personalized marketing campaigns.

  • Optimize Venues

    Optimize your space based on how your visitors move around.

  • Digital Displays

    Interactive maps, directions, and multimedia.

  • Web-based Solution

    Pre-planning, offsite to onsite directions online desktop and mobile.

  • Mobile Application

    Accurate blue-dot navigation and location-based messaging.

  • Action to Insight

    Role-based action tools allow full control of your environment and your data.


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