Bring smart inventions to the market that save money and water

Flow Dynamic's Smart Valve is the patented, precision-engineered money and water-saving device for your water system. This simple yet highly effective variable flow management device solves a number of problems inherent in the water system that are causing you to overpay for your water. We are pleased to introduce the world’s first and only EXTERNALLY ADJUSTABLE flow management device! Our patent-pending Next-Generation Smart Valve solves all the problems inherent in our original and other copycat designs—problems some people won’t tell you about until it’s too late.

Features & Benefits

  • One-time installation

    The 2nd Generation Smart Valve™ is externally adjustable. Once installed, it can be quickly and easily adjusted without needing to turn off the water or remove the device. Saves time and money and avoids future interruption of water delivery.

  • Highly visible

    The 2nd Generation Smart Valve™ is installed outside the water line, ensuring facility personnel and plumbers can easily find and adjust it. Most valves are installed inside pipes, making locating them difficult when needed.

  • Adaptable

    In the future, if the system pressure or flow rate changes up or down, the Smart Valve can be quickly and easily adjusted to maintain maximum savings without the need to interrupt service.

  • Fully certified

    Our 2nd Generation Smart Valve™ is designed with high-quality materials and precision manufacturing and is covered by NSF 61 and NSF 372 certifications.

  • Adjustable

    Smart Valve™ offers adjustable settings from 'zero' to 'maximum effect.' Delivered at 'zero' to minimize impact, it's fine-tuned post-installation for optimal system performance when water is restored.

  • Greater flow rates

    Traditional valves may reduce flow due to design. Our Smart Valve™, double-flanged or female threaded, ensures a larger interior diameter and no loss in flow capacity, offering improved performance.