Smart waste and recycling solutions

Tools to improve operations, meet sustainability goals & end waste

Whether you manage a global enterprise, independent business, city, or hauler operation, Rubicon has the right solutions to improve your current processes and help you meet your sustainability goals. It is a leading provider of cloud-based waste and recycling solutions for businesses, governments, and organizations worldwide. With more than 8 million service locations, Rubicon focuses on developing software solutions that bring new transparency to the waste and recycling industry—encouraging customers to make data-driven decisions that lead to more efficient and effective operations as well as more sustainable outcomes.

Features & Benefits

  • Technology

    Our SaaS solutions use data born from artificial intelligence to improve visibility into waste and recycling streams.

  • Sustainability

    Our mission to end waste drives everything we do, from developing sustainable ecosystems to building cleaner, greener, more sustainable cities.

  • Value

    Our technology and services help you save money and retain customers while doing your part to clean up and nurture the planet.